Ti odio, idiota

Oh Zuji! Oh Zuji!
Oh how you annoy me!
You promised me, my refund
In 3 weeks, you said, it shall come

But is almost a month already
And I still dont see my money
So how on earth can I go to Italy?
This is really not funny

I wish I was rich
Then I wouldnt act like such a
Till then I have this stitch
In my heart, its more than just an itch


I planned to go to see my dearest again for vacation in June and I’ve been scouring around for different places that have competitive prices.

After going to the Natas fair (where the tickets are sold out) and then Using Fare.net (they dont have tickets for the dates where I want to go) I then decided to use Zuji.

On the 27th of March, I booked a ticket with Zuji but after being acknowledged that they do not accept my KLM voucher, I quickly cancelled the booking. They still deducted money on my card anyway on Friday and I had no way to stop the transaction.

After a call from the customer service, a lady informed me that my money will arrive in about 7 – 10 days and I waited patiently even though I was pretty nerve wrecked with the increasing of ticket prices with time.

After two weeks, I called up the customer service again. They said this time that I will take 3 weeks from the date of cancellation. They even assured me that the finance department is handling the matter and then abruptly put down the phone.

To date, I still dont have my money.

And guess what?

The prices for plane tickets to Rome now is getting more and more extravagant.

I’m really not happy with the fact that:

a) Zuji couldnt be bothered to tell me the exact date when I will get my refund. If the customer service would tell me that it would take *that* long for the refund to arrive, I wouldnt have cancelled the booking. I would have stayed and wouldnt be so emotionally nerve wrecked by the whole experience.

b) That airplane prices are really going up so high. Just a few days difference could mean a difference in hundreds of dollars! Just a month ago, airfrance was just $900 compared to now which is $1400

c) That I made hasty decisions like this and this in turn effects everything. Why cant I just decide on one thing and then just be happy with it. Instead I still want to look for other alternatives.


I wish I was rich. Then I wouldnt have to worry about petty things like these. But I’m not. Oh gosh. After the payments for everything. I feel so dry right now.

Me angry! Me want smash your face!

11 Replies to “Ti odio, idiota”

  1. Oh dear! Kesian! If i were u, i’d go over to their office and make a scene there and teach em’ a thing or two abt customer service. But take heart my friend, sesuatu yg terjadi pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya! Insyaallah,everything will turn out fine!

  2. Where did she go? No longer on MSN 🙁

    Maybe she did go try to smash some faces and was arrested awaiting to be flogged!

    I hope they video tape the flogging. I have popcorn!


  3. Bandicoot, head over their office? I’m giving another week, and then I’m going down next week saturday. Its really not funny lah, all these waiting while airplane tickets still rises. Sakit hati tau 😐 Mungkin ada hikmahnya, tapi bagi masa sekarang, tengah frust lah! Nampak-nampaknya nak kena tunggu progress package 😛

    Hey hey crazyphat 🙂 I’m really tired out from work and then night classes. I dont do anything much now during the weekends 😐 I need my recharge

    If they videotape the flogging, I’m going to jail! 😮 You want me to go to jail?!?! Cruel!

  4. Paws! Its been a while! How are you? Well, I want my money back, only then can I afford to buy a ticket 😐 Till then, I’ll keep being frustrated …

    Crazyphat, like Micheal Jackson would sing, Eat it .. Just eat it …! 😛

  5. Paws, True love will conquer all. But pure desperation will definitely kick someone’s toot.

    Whats a sit in?

    Crazyphat, its the dollar that got me into trouble 🙁 Annoying banks. Annoying zuji. Annoying everything :S

  6. No! It wasn’t the beautiful sweet sweet sweet dollar which gave you trouble. It was the filfy dirty dirty dirty people you let touch your precious dollar!!!!!!

    ***CrazyPhat $_$

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