The wedding invite

Marina & partner. It specifically said Marina & partner. Where on earth am I supposed to find an eligible and strapping male partner for this weekend?

As much as I get thrills when two people in love getting married, I do get a little apprehensive – Theres so many factors that contribute to my dislike of attending wedding functions.

Like expectations of people looking at me as a single malay female. They’ll see that I’m of that ‘marriageable’ age and then they’ll start their talk of how I should get married as soon as possible. And then chide and scold me for still being single.

I’m rather sick of that. Why should I please you for something I’ll live with for the rest of my life?

But secretly, I do want to get married and care for a partner and have kids. I do want to share my life with my significant other. I just dont like the idea that I have to be obliged to do something, just because of social propiety.

But coming back to my colleague’s wedding, maybe I’ll just go to the wedding alone. She’s a friend and it would of course be lovely to see her on her most special day 🙂

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  1. Oh wait, I should stuff you with chocolates instead, like for the chinese belief that with the mouth full, the person wont say anything bad about the other person.

  2. I heard that chinese monks use to put salted eggs in little boys mouths and ask them if they could remove certian crown jewels… seeing they couldnt say NO because they had an egg in their mouth… they took it as a yes.

    I wounder if they used Turtle Eggs???

    Yeah yer right. I dont want a turtle egg!!!! 🙁


  3. Yeah, I think you are right. They should of atleast gave them a chicken egg and not that yuckie turtles egg.

    Keep your queen crown. I’m happy with my royal sceptre!!!


  4. BTW:

    I’ve been told that your blog is blocked in China! Are you a political dissident or an outcast international spy?

    You are a very intereging fem fatal!

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