Revenge of the killer bell peppers!

Feeling so much better now.

On monday evening, I thought that I’d make the lovely salad that I did in the weekend but instead of the regular amount of bell peppers, I’ve increased it.

Bad move.

The next morning I felt nausea and vomited. Oh gosh the pain! My kidneys were screaming out and there were banging in my head.

Couldnt go to work. The doctor diagnosed me as having food poisoning and gave me two days off and I was recuperating at home like an invalid, in a dizzy cloud of heavy medication.

Lesson learnt:

Too much bell peppers is bad for you

Curses on you bell peppers!

Update : Now mum seems to have my symptoms too … (she said that she’s better now) now it couldnt be the bell peppers since she never touched it. So what is it …?

Going out of my mind over the stress of everything. Studies! Work! Finances! No time! Arghh!!!

Karen, me and Diane at Newton Circus so-so foodcenter

But always time to pose for a picture with friends. Without the motivational support and encouragement of other people, its very hard to carry on.

I really really want to make this worth it.

5 Replies to “Revenge of the killer bell peppers!”

  1. Smooches cart cart 🙂 I dont know, maybe it was the tuna … Really am not sure.

    Webcomic? Haha .. this reminds me of a vegetable cartoon I used to watch as a teenger, called the “Soup Opera” where people actually made cartoons out of real vegetables and fruits. It was so facinating to watch.

    Asa! Yes! It was the green one that I ate on monday! I’m sure the unripe green ones does something to the digestive system. The red one that I ate gave me no problem at all. But now I’m really not sure what the cause of my food poisoning is …

    Thanks for dropping by asa 🙂

  2. Hi, I love your blog. 🙂

    My Dad had samonella (if I spelled it right) years ago. The doctor said it was the worst case he’d ever seen. Since all the family members pretty much ate what they wanted, and fixed it themselves, no one eles got sick.

    The doc said that it could be anything he ate in the last 48 hours, since many food born illness take that long to start affecting you.

    We were pretty much at a loss as to what made him sick. However, the doc said it didn’t have to be meat. All food has to do is touch somthing that contained the bacteria. It could have been an apple he ate.

    But we drew our own conclusion that it must have been the home made sourdough pancakes that he made. We were not going to touch those with a ten foot pole. Only store bought for me. 😀


  3. Hiya morganna, thanks for dropping by! And thanks for saying you love my blog *shocked* hehehehe

    Salmonella? Wow, I never thought about that, but now that I think about it, thats a big possibility, although I dont believe that we’ve left any meat out for a long time. Eek!

    I’m sorry that your dad had to go through so much pain. Is unbearable. I wonder if there ever will be a vaccination for bacterias like these.

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