The reopening of Jurong Lake Park

Went kayaking with my mum and brother today at the beautiful, newly opened Jurong Lake park. That was a whole load of fun! Initially mum was so afraid of falling in the water while in the kayak but after a short while, she really enjoyed herself pedalling smoothly in the lake that when the time was up, she didn’t even want to leave!

I really like kayaking. It probably started in Outward Bound School I think. One try and I really liked it. One of the more memorable experiences that I had was during the trip to Thailand with my best friends Juli and Hema. We went through mangrove swamps and the open sea and the experience really felt like a discovery channel show with all the nature that we saw.

Hema and guide in the front kayak with me and Juli at the back I miss this. I’d love to go again

Will there be a kayaking club in Jurong, I wonder? The instructors didn’t say, but I think it would be lovely to have one on lakeside, with all the unused water catchment area. I’d join in a heartbeat!

Night classes has been interesting. It was lovely to see some friendly faces but that nervous feeling is there. The feeling of unpreparedness, especially after one economics class when the tutor asked us a question and I just sat there feeling very blank.

I turn around to the person behind me.

“I don’t know how to do this. How do you answer it?”

“Oh, when the marginal propriety consumption goes up, the marginal propriety savings goes down. Thus, in the graph, it shifts up and the consumption graph, it pivots. Pretty easy right?”

“Huh? Err .. yeah, yeah yeah … easy …”

Just what the heck are you talking about?

I really need to buck up. I’m just too tired to do anything. Is it possible to have a burnout before anything even started?

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  1. HaHa! This is good, great to see you cheer up at last. But …… LINGERIE??? wonder how the show will end when you come home and do the LAUNDRY.

    Have a nice week end!

  2. Dump IN!!! Then I suggest you buy those 3 for 10.

    Here some tips I dont know, will never learn to know and never want to know, …

    Wash: Wash in cold water by hand, making sure to rinse thoroughly. If you prefer to wash in the machine, wash in cold with like colors or separately always using a lingerie wash bag. ALWAYS wash colors separately, including similar lingerie products. Remember, to hook, fasten or buckle products before you wash.

    Dry: Drip dry or dry flat away from sunlight. If you must dry in the machine, tumble dry on a low and cool setting with items still in the lingerie wash bag.

    Dry clean: If your tag denotes dry cleaning, you should always do so without fail. This instruction may infer that the fabric and structure of the item cannot sustain traditional washing methods or products.

    Wash: Avoid washing you lingerie loosely with other products. Because of their delicate structure, many lingerie items can get twisted and stretched in this process. Avoid soaking or bleaching intimates in order to retain color and structure. Also avoid detergents you use with your other laundry.

    Dry: Do not tumble dry loosely with other products. Once again, your items may twist and stretch. Also, avoid line drying, as creases and stretching may occur. Keep your intimates out of the sun! Finally, do not iron your lingerie. If absolutely necessary, use gentle steaming to remove wrinkles.

    I never like laundry, especially Dirty Laundry except those from Don Henley.


  3. ever thot how funny the word ‘lingerie’ don’t match to how it is pronounced? Anyway, rinaz..a fan of your blog & his wife told me to holler “Hi!” The wife wished she could go to Italy too..! They always visit ur blog whenever they came to mine. I nicked his link as Obstinate Yan aka Mandom. Don’t ask.

  4. 3 for $10? Hey good deal! Where can I get those? ROFL!

    Actually yeah, delicate lingerie needs to be hand washed, and always in cold water so that the colour doesnt run out. I learnt that the hard way while dumping one of my lingerie in the washing machine. In the end of the cycle, it bend the underwire and made it quite uncomfortable to wear till I had to throw it away. Quite sad really.

    Don Henly? *quickly switches on limewire*

    Oooh lurvely, 80’s music! Man, who could ever forget the hair, the makeup, the shoulder pads. Ahh …

    Hey dirty laundry is pretty groovalicious!

    Allos red! Lingerie is a french word and they always pronouce words differently from us. It sounds very sexy tho, in my humble opinion. People can speak all sorts of curse words in french and I’d be there thinking that its the most beautiful poetry.


    Wah I got a fan! Serious? Me? Wow! Wow! Really? Wow!


  5. Hey … just cause my mum is a petite and demure housewifely looking lady, doesnt mean that she’s not gung ho okay! 😛

    She’s gone through alot in life and as a kid, she always travelled daily from Pulau Tekong to the mainland to study.

    Moreover, since she comes from Bugis heritage, that means that she’s a sea dwellers decendent. We are all made to be denizens of the sea 😉

  6. My mum looks big and gungho but she’s the total opposite of yours. Haha! And what a coincidence, she’s of half bugis heritage too, which makes me (and my siblings) of rojak heritage. Hence the 3 different looks of each of my siblings. Wahahaha!

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