I love bras. They are so uplifting.

Oh my, Minoshe has a new website and there’s even more lovelies to drool over!

I want! I want! I want them all!

But Marina, you’ve got so many lingerie already …

But I love them …

But you’ve got enough to last you two years

But I want …

You’re being wasteful

But they are so pretty …


The heart is strong but the flesh is weak. Anyway, Minoshe has a promotion at IMM this weekend. Trade in your old bra and get discounts on a new one … hehehe. I think I’ll drop by and take a look. Would be fun I think. 🙂

Cart and I planned to meet again this coming June for our vacation and I was just comparing a few flights from Singapore to Rome and I am flummoxed and quite flabbergasted really, at how fast the price increased in just a span of a week.

When visiting cartcart last year, we used zuji.com.sg to book a flight. It was a smooth and professional transaction by Zuji.com. I liked the way that they did the itineraries, everything was complete, from the plane number to the gate numbers at the stopover.

But it was still kind of pricey, so I thought I’d do a little research myself.

Since I was in the airfrance flight last year which I liked very much, naturally, I went to their website and compared the prices there.

A few clicks later, I found that it was about $900 without taxes, and that sounds pretty good. Let me wait a little bit and see if there are other offers somewhere else.

KLM my inbound flight was slightly more expensive at about 1.2k without taxes.

That was last week.

Today I checked the same flight again and it has increased by at least another $100 dollars … oh my. Plus taxes, it will easily reach 1.5k How now? These flights are costing me more than a month’s pay. Need to find cheaper alternatives.

Juli will be going to the Natas fair this Sunday … I think I’ll tag along too.

O how I wish I was rich. Wonder what I can do for extra money. Any ideas anyone?

  • I can do beautiful studio shoots but it seems like either people don’t want to do it or too shy …
  • I can do digital art but it seems like no one wants my services :

Ahh what can I do? Maybe I’ll try to write some articles and see if there be any publication who wants to buy them. I got to try something after all.

*Goes to sing at the void deck and begs for moolah*

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  1. ” If she look different once a while, that probably what the contact lens has done to most Singaporean woman, Not Their Lingerie, after all, that what we usually didn’t see! If she put on weight, then I suggest you try her Roti Jala, it look good on her BLOG. “

    the other i wrote this when suggesting my friend to add your blog to their website. Today suddenly I ………

    run out of words!

  2. How come? Dont you like lingerie? I love pretty ones, specially Minoshe because simply its more affordable than the others and yet so pretty 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering how it got submitted – but may I know who you are?

  3. I took a flight back during the Holidays. The ticket prices were like Stock Market prices. The ticket I originally got went up like 300 dollars in a months time.

    By the way. The picture of the cat on Deviant Art is priceless.

  4. Hiya Asa 🙂 Thanks about the picture of the cat, it was sheer luck I think to have the cat look at me just at the right time 😮 It was such a beautiful little kitten 🙂

    Orikinla welcome! And thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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