Lost expectations

In an office, somewhere in Singapore … a woman gets an sms …

Julisms : Oh so sad. Boon died

What? Oh my gosh! Hong Boon died? What? Cannot be! He’s too young to die! He was my classmate! He sat right next to me! He helped me in maths! This must be a joke right? This cannot be true! What? What? What?

Gone too early … This is so sad … how did it happen? What? Oh my gosh. I dont believe it. No no no no no

Poor Hong Boon 🙁

Hong Boon, top right corner

Marinasms : What? Who told you this?

Julisms : Huh? I’m watching lost episode 18.


Came back from registering for a Singpass account from the Taman Jurong community center and logged in the Singapore Examination Website to register for the A level examination online.

And now I’m kind of stumped on which 3 papers to choose

Paper 01 Shakespeare and other authors (pre-twentieth century)
Paper 02 18th and 19th century writing
Paper 03 Twentieth century writing
Paper 04 Topic paper (books in)
Paper 05 Open texts (books in)
Paper 08 Comment and appreciation (unseens)

Arrghh! I think I’ll choose 1, 3 and 8. Hmm …