The problems of wearing glasses and contact lenses

If you’re like me, you’d love parodies. Thank you youtube and MadTV! You’re a godsend!

By the way, today was the last day for the term 1 for schools in Singapore so the place where I worked at, let me knock off work a few hours earlier 🙂

It was a lovely day outside, albeit much too warm so I had a stroll and had a lovely lunch over at pizza hut. I’m liking the new stuff that they have :

Yum! I really liked the chicken roll. It reminded me of the burrito I had from Taco Bell a couple of years ago, only a little more crispier and a little bit more flavourful.

I endorse this product. As long as they don’t put wasabi in their pizza, pizza hut can do no wrong 🙂

Anyway I’ve been wearing my new pair contact lenses for about a week now and so far so good. My eyes feel a little dry though, so I guess I should get myself one of those eye drops.

A week ago, I stopped by an optometrist to get a bottle of solution for my old pair of contact lenses. Plus, it was reported that the Renu solution that I usually used is suspected to cause eye infections.

I saw that there was an offer for their contact lenses and decided to get myself a pair. Why not? My old pair of contact lenses was almost expiring, and is getting a little bit uncomfortable to wear due to the unwashable protein deposits.

Anyway, that was the first time for me using monthly disposable lenses after years of being told that it was more advisable for me to get the long term one because of my high myopia. I had a eye check with the optician and to my surprise, he told me that my myopia level has gone down. Could it be true? That my eyes are finally stabilizing?

I’ve had bad eyes since I was 9. I kind of blame it because of my love to read lying down and watching the telley up real close.

Back in primary school, I’d complain to the teachers that I couldn’t see very well. I remember that one teacher wrote really big on the blackboard just for me. I don’t know if she’s being sarcastic or being nice. But the writing didn’t make much difference anyway, the words were much too thin for me to make out what she wrote.

Mum then made my first pair of spectacles and I still remember what it looked like – a plastic light blue spectacle. I thought I looked really intelligent when I wore it. And for the first time, everything looked so clear.

But I guess everything went downhill from there as my eyesight deteriorated. My level just increased and increased. And what opticians do here is to just increase he degree in the lenses every time I’d visit them. I’m really not fond of that. Every time I put on my new glasses, I’d feel giddy and my eyes hurt as they try to adjust to the new and powerful lens.

I really didn’t think that this was the best way to handle myopia. More powerful lenses will make my eyes worse anyway, so I’ve stopped buying new glasses since 2000 and wore those to work and kept on wearing my even older glasses (made in 1997) when at home. I really dont care. To me, eye comfort is much better than strain. And I think that the Bates Method is quite helpful. I’m not sure if its scientifically proven, but its still helpful.

Contact lenses are different though since opticians will lower the degree since the lens are directly in the eyes.

The first time I wore contact lenses was when I was 16 after accompanying my friend to have hers done. It was pretty affordable then at $80 dollars (saved from waitressing, I wasn’t a rich kid) and I really liked it! I didn’t have to push my glasses up every few minutes and I could see by my sides and jogging was more comfortable. I even looked (oh bless) attractive.

I’ve had contact lenses since.

Still am not fond of those smelly weekly protein pills and cleaning and rinsing. Kind of tedious. So most of the times, I’d use glasses, because frankly, they are just more convenient. Moreover, sometimes I have a very bad habit of forgetting to take my lenses off and accidentally go to sleep in them.

I don’t think I’d ever do eye surgery though. No matter what the reports say about it being safe, I wouldn’t want anyone touching my eyes. After all, we’ve only one pair of eyes and if anything goes wrong with it, there’s no ‘backup’.

Sometimes I wish I had perfect eyesight again though. It would be nice to wake up in the middle of the night and not imagine that shirt you hang on the rack is not a monster because you can only see a swaying blur.

Anyway, I’m typing this entry on writely on the recommendation of Krysss. I’m loving it! It gets really annoying when sometimes there’s a power trip or my computer just reboots by itself and my (long) entries doesn’t get saved. Thank you krysss! And thank you writely. Both a godsend!

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