My best friend is getting married!

Back in Jurong Institute, we’d always tease each other about getting married.

1999 Hema : I’ll never get married! I can’t stand relationships! Boys are horrible!

1999 Marina : Don’t say things like that, those who say that they won’t get married, are usually the first to do so.

1999 Juli : We’ll see who’ll get married first.

1999 Marina : The first person to get married, will buy each of us dinner


And then Hizam’s wedding came up.

Hizam was our classmate in Jurong Institute and one of the first person to get married. The teasings started.

“When is it going to be YOUR turn”

2003 Hema : I don’t know, but I just started seeing this guy and he’s seems very serious about me

Jump over to February 2005

Hema : Ladies, I’ve got news for you. Chan and I, are going to get married! I’m so excited!

Juli and me : Oh my goodness! We’re so happy for you!

I had a lovely evening yesterday night at Hema and Chan’s ROM reception. Juli and me met up and went to Chandni restaurant at the Golden Landmark hotel where the reception was held. We arrived a little late as we were trying to find a suitable gift for the couple.

About 30 mins late but we reached just in time to see the couple signing the papers.

Hema looked so beautiful and lovely and stunning and Chan looked so happy. It was so amazing to see, friends, good friends, growing up from a studious classmate to a beautiful lady.

Met up with a few other classmates, Vai, Hizam and his wife, Maya as well as Shifaa was there and had a lovely time catching up with them.

“What are you doing now?”
“How are you?”
“When’s your turn?”

From left to right : Juli, Vai, Hizam, Maya and Shifaa

We teased, and joked with each other and I couldn’t help thinking how far we’ve progressed since school days and how we’ve matured.

Vai was talking about his trip to South Africa, going there alone. Hizam was talking about his daughter, saying how the ladies of the house demanded alot of his attention and how Shifaa was talking about her experience as a teacher in a special school.

I can’t imagine this conversation happening back in school. It was more juvenile, more carefree.

We had lovely buffet dinner.

As always, I wanted to try everything. So, as usual, I took just a little bit of everything. My plate always looked heaped at the end of the table.


A slice of the wedding cake

The DJ made us play some silly games. Like who has the biggest tummy contest. Poor Hizam got sabotaged and got prodded by the groom who was the judge for the contest.

Support from the sympathetic wife

And the best sari contest

Feeling so out of place

Dancing contest

It was a lovely night. Good friends. Who could ask for more.

I’m so happy for you, dear Hema Sayang πŸ™‚ May you and Chan travel many many journeys together.

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  1. such lovely photos! still hate weddings tho…Juli and I met up after & did our thang!
    Hey..maybe u shud take..err..abstract pics of me for your blog…??? Nxt time the 3 of us meet up anyway…!

  2. Hehe .. I took advantage of the hired photographer’s lighting and snapped a few pics while he was shining his light at the couple (images look better and shaper in light)

    Where did you guys go? Karaoke?

    It would be nice to meet up again πŸ™‚ Yes. Lets! I’d love to take pictures of you

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