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Oh, awesomeness. The order for the new Videocamera arrived today and I had a ball playing around with it. Though the camera uses Mini-DV tapes (Its been around for a while) its much much better than the older, bulky video cam that I used previously. It used Hi-8 tapes (who uses Hi-8 tapes anymore!) and needed all sorts of cables to be connected to transfer it from the camera to the computer. It was very confusing to use. Trying to transfer the video on my computer was a nightmare with all the crashes and freezes and blue screen of death.

But the new digital video camera uses USB 2.0 cable. Thus it was so easy to use and transferring the video was such a cinch. Just plug it in, and switch it on. Then transfer it over with your choice video editor.

I found an old mini dv tape that I used for school and played around with it.

One of the tape contained footage that was supposed to be for my school project during my multimedia class in 2001. I couldnt use it in the end. This was because I couldnt managed to transfer the video in time and my video camera loan was up. So the tape has been lying in my drawer all these years. Until now.

What do you think? I used the software Windows Movie maker to create the clips. It isnt as nice to use as Ulead Studio Video that I used previously as in the software tends to be a little sluggish and there are some tweakings that I cant do (like customizing the audio) and limited transitions. But it was still good enough to use. Anyway it comes in bundled with the winxp operating system. So I wont complain. πŸ˜›

I also found footage from the previous school that I was attached to and watching these clips made me reminisce upon how much I missed the kids there and how much fun I used to have.

Its not that I’m not happy with my present work. I do feel pretty satisfied with where I am at the moment. I have many interesting things to do everyday. But the mood here, its a little different. I dont get the chance to have the same type of interaction with the kids as I had previously. And I miss that. A lot.

I like teaching kids IT. I like showing them little tricks that you can do with a bit of clicking and typing. And the beautiful or cute and fun things that you can create with a little bit of thought.

Over here, people think of me more of the:

1)Technical Assistant – fixing computers and printers.
4)Programmer (aye??)
5)Multimedia conceptualist
6)Loads loads more

I’m not complaining. Really. Really really. Its just that I feel that the mood here is different. Alot of people (teachers even) were surprised that I actually teach!

Well, I miss the kids anyway. I even had a dream scene of some kids a few nights ago with some kids thats I taught with another ex-colleague in the previous school.

In the dream scene, they were entrepreneurs, in a shop, selling some things. And I was walking by and passed through the streets and they noticed me and called me over. The thing about the dream was that I was amazed and even touched that they remembered me.

I’m getting old. Reminiscing about everything.

Their N-Level results was just announced yesterday and I do hope that they get into the institutions that they desire and am happy with the results that they have gotten. Saw some kids looking really happy with their results. They were giving triumphant screams and bursts. But there were also some who looked upset at their results with their teary eyes.

I cant help but wonder, if I am ready for my own exams next year.

Anyways a final video for the moment – a bit of highlights from the year 2003. Its amazing to see the kids looking so small and cute! LOL! They look so much different now that they’ve grown up a little bit.

By the way, I hope that the clips doesnt make the regular browser freeze. My apologies if it does – Please let me know. I’d do a manual link if it does. And I know that I told CK that I dislike blogs that has music and video clips in them

It freezes my browser, slows up my computer and is really not pleasant to have multiple music jolting suddenly when you’re listening to your own mp3 player at the same time. I cant even pause it to stop the cacophony. Oh dear.

But the nice thing about YouTube is that it pauses at the beginning has a button that allows you to play IF you want to watch it. I also saw some nice music players like what Chas has got here.

Okay, thats my rant for today.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Marina. I’ll be visiting your country 28 and 29 december. I’m meeting up with fellow bloggers.

    Who knows, we might bump into each other…

  2. really….??? u hate blogs wif vid clips…eh??! Well…wat can I say…I like d damn song 2 much! B sided…get a new pc…big better ram wif kick ass graphics card! faster 2…! hahahaha! I shud nuke u!

  3. Hello there!! I really like your new cam heheheheh.. And also YouTube is an excellent place to hold your movie files and share around coz its in flash format as well.

  4. kunstemaecker : The pleasure it mine πŸ™‚ And perhaps yes, we might. Though I confess, I’ve never met any other bloggers before. Red and Juli doesnt count cause I’ve met them before my blog was created πŸ˜›

    Red : You’re too nice πŸ˜› I’m speechless πŸ˜›

    Chas : Oh! I forgot to mention that I didnt buy that video camera hehehe. It was actually a purchase made by the school where I am currently attached to. I can borrow stuff if no one is using it for the moment πŸ™‚ And yes, youtube is lovely. Have been watching a few clips made by people and I kinda like it πŸ™‚

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