Of what dreams may come

I had the most interesting dream this morning.

I dreamt that I was sleeping in bed and I opened my eyes to find my bedroom door opened. I didnt liked sleeping with the door open so I rose to shut the door. I realise that the door was green, and there was a dresser beside the bed and outside the window, where the moon was shining brightly was familliar swaying of trees, still buildings and the soft sounds of the passing of cars onroads.

I was back in my old house again.

The house that I lived in for over two decades before it got demolished. I wasnt frightened. I felt safe and protected. It was a place I was familliar with. My sanctuary. I was happy even, to see everything as it was. And I wanted to explore to see more.

So I opened the door.

I see a little boy and a little girl which looked like my siblings, only younger. They didnt notice me. And my father, sitting on the sofa, reading a newspaper, quietly. He doesnt notice me either.

But what struct me the most, was that in front of me, was my mother. Except she was younger. Much much younger. In her 20’s. She had shorter hair and she noticed me and she looked little stunned but she wasnt frightened and instead she embraced me and asked me, “How old are you?”

27, I answered.

“You could have been. You could have been.” She replied, with a tinge of sadness.

I’ve always been interested in dream analysis and interpretation for quite a while. Even though I am just a novice at this, I find it absolutely facinating, how the mind works when your body is at rest.

The mind, free from the boundaries of the waking logicalities, uses both the left and right sides of the brain and forms dreams when we are in our deepest state of sleep – the REM.

These visions of dreams can be a symbol of many things:

It could either be something that affects you in your daily lives. When you go to sleep hungry, a huge probability that you’d dream of food. When you are anxious about the examination that will happen tomorrow, dreams of going to the exam hall in time are very common.

And there are times when you dream of a deja vous – when you dream of a scene and then forget about it for a while and then one day you stop for a while and look around and realise that where you are at right now, is exactly like a dream scene you dreamt a few months ago.

And sometimes dreams can also be messages from the brain or other sources, in form of dreams to what it cannot translate during the waking hours. You may have problems with a very difficult situation. After pondering about the problem, decide to go to sleep for a while to try to solve it later. And while you are dreaming, you find the solution to your problem.

Dreams has even been a source of inspiration for many. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series has admitted that the characters as well as the scenes like the quidditch game and the train station, was inspired by a curious dream that she had.

But coming back to the dream that I encountered, there are a few interpretations that I can think of.

Dreaming of a house, represents yourself. The bedroom symbolises your emotional life and your privacy and relaxation. I dreamt about the old house, where I was very comfortable in. In a way, I suppose, I miss the “old life” when the world seemed a whole lot simpler.

Siblings or children in dreams are usually a representation of ourselves. Could those children actually be me? Or what I could have been?

Dreams about mothers are usually symbols of the nurturing aspect of your own personality. Dreaming of conversations with your mother, means that you may have unresolved issues.

What I am most intruiged in is why does is my dream-mother young? And why is the entire environment so realistically real? It was as if I had stepped back in time, about 10 or 20 years ago and met my mother, in my present self. Everything was so vivid.

Am I becoming like mum?

Or maybe in the back of my mind, thats the point where I know, the rest of her life will be etched.

Maybe she wants to have a different life?

Maybe the person who wants to have a different life is me.

This dream is intruiging me.

5 Replies to “Of what dreams may come”

  1. It means that you (perhaps only in your mind, or even subconciously)are clinging to things that give you security and comfort, rather than stepping out and taking a chance. Take the chance.

  2. I blogged about a dream I had once. Only..hehe..made it sound a bit poetic of course! but rather wanting to blog abt it, I actually wanted it outta my system. U c..I rarely dream at all. The one I had was pretty scary. Perhaps u shud read abt it sometime & tell me wat u think??

  3. Wow, very interesting. Like time warp gitu. I remember your house.. very cosy..

    I’ve never had those kind of dreams before. Mine is mostly about combat and demons (i’m addicted to this world combat game in the arcades), lotr and harry potter and friends. O_o

    I have a feeling your dream has a deeper meaning behind it but I don’t know what..

  4. Hi Cindy, interesting interpretation. That could be true, that I need to take more risks as compared to being complacent. Normally dreams of risk taking are usually using of symbols such a crossing the bridges, or at the edge of a cliff. Mothers, have a more nurturing and a reflection of self symbolism.

    Red : O I’m no expert at dream analysis, but I’d check it out 🙂 I think most people dream practically everyday, but its just that most of the times, they are not able to recollect their memories of the dream upon waking up. That’s common. As the more awake the person is, the dream gets fainter and fainter.

    Me : Yeah, like a time warp. My dearest said I was like Micheal J Fox in Back to the future o_0 Eh who knows, maybe I did go back in time … hahahaha

    Hmmm .. you play arcade games? You dont seem to strike me as a person who’d play arcade games. Or LOTR or Harry Potter.

    So …. Whats your livejournal url? 😛

  5. oh, so you know who I am already eh.. darn, can’t be mysterious already..

    My livejournal is now on lj friends-only mode ever since my email got hacked coz the idiot was trying to get to my lj account.

    But it’s not that difficult to find anyway. =P

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