Riding Test Checklist

Third time’s a charm, I hope. It would be nice to finally clear the traffic police test and get it over and done with so I concentrate on other matters.

I flunked my tp test twice already. The first time was due to the rain which made everything slippery and the second was a matter of pure carelessness by me. So I hope my third time would leave me more optimistic.

It would be so disheartening if I dont do well. But I’ll never give up. Went through so much just to let go when the end is so near.

Was back from the Bukit Batok Driving Center for a self practise. It wasn’t anything that I didn’t already knew. So why is it that I keep doing silly mistakes during the actual test itself?

Farid, a colleague of mine, whom I was replacing for the school found out that I was taking riding lessons too. He retold about the time when he was taking the traffic police test. The night before, he visualised the circuit and the road. What to do in every instance and every gestures.

I think I’ll give it a try too. What’s there to lose anyway.

Starting point.

  • Signal the lights to the left and look out for the traffic.
  • Look to the right, and then look to the left
  • If all is clear, blind spot left and proceed
  • Watch out for pedestrians at the zebra crossing
  • Accelerate to at least gear 3

Before approaching the bend

  • Signal right
  • Blind spot right when touching the bend
  • At the end of the bend, another blind spot
  • Go in the right lane

At the junction

  • Shoulders must be aligned to the white line
  • Blind spot to the right and proceed.
  • Avoid wide turning

After the junction

  • Signal to the left
  • Blind spot left
  • Accelerate to prevent wobbling
  • Change lane to the left

Before turning

  • Blind spot to the left and look far.
  • Stop at the stop sign and look out for traffic.
  • Blind spot left at the middle of the junction
  • Get to at least gear 2


  • Kick down to gear 1.
  • Signal right
  • Hold rear break
  • Open throttle, release break and proceed downhill
  • signal left and look out for incoming vehicles

Traffic lights

  • Front tyre must NEVER touch the yellow line. (instant failure)
  • Check front road, left and right and accelerate
  • Signal left as soon as you leave the yellow box

Figure 8

  • blind spot left
  • go to gear 2
  • let go of clutch
  • control throttle
  • use read break to control speed
  • Press the clutch slightly just when about to go out and look right


  • Signal right before proceeding in
  • Go to gear 2
  • let go of clutch
  • control throttle
  • cancel signal
  • look right

Traffic light

  • Look left and right
  • Signal right while in the yellow box
  • Check blind spot
  • Change lane to the right
  • accelerate

T Junction

  • Look left and right and repeat till lanes are clear
  • Blind spot right
  • Turn right and kick gear up
  • Accelerate
  • Signal left
  • blind spot
  • change lane to the leftmost
  • Blind spot again as approaching the outermost bend and enter
  • Cancel signal


  • Kick to gear 1
  • Look at the plank
  • proceed and then look far
  • Balance using rear brake


  • Kick to gear 2
  • use rear brake to control
  • Blind spot right when approaching end

Emergency break

  • Accelerate up to 35km/h
  • Go to gear 3
  • When you see the red line, close throttle
  • Break front and rear
  • Clutch in
  • Kick down to gear 1
  • Check back
  • Proceed to the road

Road is a little easier for me. Similar to the circuit, but you have to check with other traffic and the pedestrians too. Give way when needed and accelerate whenever possible.

Hope my assessment check-list doesn’t go up too much during the actual day.

4 Replies to “Riding Test Checklist”

  1. Gd luck on the TP test…I went thru mine like eons ago! Back when there was like only 5 stages to go through….
    Anyway, I’m havin trouble loggin to msn & hotmail….u experiencing dat?

  2. You can do it 🙂 Just take your time, relax take a deep breath think positive! Most of it is common sense, stop completely..look both ways …signal and proceed .. think about your previous mistakes and what you did wrong to cause them and make sure you do not repeat them 🙂 Get a good nites rest before hand also :>)
    Well Good Luck,

  3. Thanks everyone for the best wishes 🙂

    Red : No, I dont have trouble logging on to msn and hotmail. Sometimes it doesnt do transfer and just yesterday it kicked me off but other than that, nothing much. Did you install something before this incident?

    anon : Wise words

    Cherub : Thanks!

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