Zzz …

Extremely tired.
Just let me sleep
A while longer …

7 Replies to “Zzz …”

  1. hey I guess shuqun is really a changed school..far frm wat they r back in de 90s..hmm..I applaud de p n tchers who made de difference cos it’s nt easy to overhaul de system n change a bad reputation skool

  2. Hiyas Dj, thanks for dropping by 🙂 *hugs*

    It really is different, I’ve heard stories from the IT HOD about it being gangster. Its changed now. Not sure what triggered it, but its pretty okay. Did you know that Slyvester Sim graduated from Shuqun? Very coincidental. I was checking the pictures in the picture folder the previous educator had and there it was … interesting

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