Kabish kabish Kabish!

There are days when I want to do this.

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Picture courtesy of Rudy from photography class

I had someone comment to me, saying that women are so emotional. That they have misplaced loyalty. Thats why they are always taken for granted.

Woah. I saw red to that. I dont have the statistics to back it up but I just thought that it was an unjustified statement. How true is that? I’m sure we all dont go around acting all crazy, and hyper and spout out emotional outbursts. Oh wait a minute. Maybe we do. Once a month. But that doesnt count.

Mr Chako, our GP teacher quipped in class on day about how three category of people get better pay at work, namely the more attractive people, the males and the taller people.

Being of a non supermodel proportions, a non male and non tall, that statement made me a little apprehensive. What about the common people? Grrr!

*karate chops*

Anyway, take a look at my new desk 🙂

Pretty barren at the moment, I could put the two bears that I usually bring to work. Or some posters or something. Maybe not so soon. Been much too busy with work to concentrate on the appearance of the table.

There’s so much to do! Installation of CD’s in the computer lab, updating the barcoding inventory, creating of newsletters, helping of teachers, doing programming (something I’m not that fluent) helping out in the cca’s and more more stuff and on top of that conduct multimedia lessons…


The strange part is, that now that I’ve already had a job, I still receive emails offering me of a job. Funny how when in June when I was bumming around, looking for a job, nothing arrived for about 3 weeks and on the other hand now the reverse.

Oh well.

I still am missing my west spring kids and my colleagues. One of my students called me up and demanded to know why I wasnt in West Spring anymore. How can one not feel a tinge of emotion?

“Cherrr .. Why arent you our IT teacher anymore???”
I could only go … “WAAAAH!!!”

I dropped by school for a while today just to say hello for a bit and had lunch at Sheng Siong with Peter, Jane and Poniah. I miss that camaraderie. 🙂

It was sweet, just hanging out with old friends. I love it.

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  1. I know what you mean about moving into that ’empty’ new cube. You want to make it feel like home, but at first it just doesn’t seem to fit right. I took a lamp, and a pic. to put on my desk, but haven’t ventured up to the walls yet! Soon though.

    By the way – you’ve been tagged! Check my blog 😉

  2. I miss you too chanel 🙁 Its not that I dont want to teach you guys …

    DJ, I’ve already done the reading chain and tagged you some while ago 😉

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