West Spring, my family

I am so humbled and greateful and overwhelmed by the care, love and warmth that I felt by West Spring this Friday. Compared to the cold treatment that I received Thursday night, from the company to the warm loving experience that I had on Friday, was such a vast difference.

I went to the school to pack up my things and I saw some friends and I told them that it was my last day there. And they looked so shocked! It was humbling to see that they cared enough to express their feelings that way. How is that so? How can it be? Thats not possible marina, no one ever complained about you! And they looked adamant about my situation. It was the same with every one that I said goodbye to, they all had this expression of shock at my sudden termination. Dont cry Marina. Dont cry. I had to say to myself. But the hot tears just came out. It wasnt about the pay (lousy as it was) but the wonderful, wonderful people there. That was why I initially thought of resigning only in October when the final term would end. Oh well.

I packed up my items, my bears that has accompanied me at work since the old campus, the cards that the students gave me and looked at my desk to keep it locked in my memory.

I went down to talk to the principal.

Sir? Can I have a minute?
Sure Marina, come on in.
its my last day today. I’d just like to say thank you for welcoming me and making me feel welcome here. I really enjoyed my experiences here these past two years.
And he frowned and told me. You’re fired? I’ll try my best to see what I can do for you, Marina. In the meanwhile, please join us for the teacher’s lunch later. I’ll ask Minder to bring you there.

I’ll be there. Thank you again.

I then went up and quickly burned my files from the intranet into a CD. No way in hell will I let that witch get my files. My hard work that I’ve done. I was just about to delete my files from the sharing folder when that witch, my supervisor stepped in and warned me not to delete away my files. It belongs to MOE she said. Its copywrited. Did you know Suhardi (an ex colleague who used to work in the company) did that and it damaged the server. I was floored at her sheer denseness. No one could ruin the server by just deleting data files! If I thought that her command of english was atrocious enough for someone with a master that comment totally bowled me over.

Thats why I’m IT and you’re …. supervisor, I thought to myself.

And she stood there. Looking at me like I was a criminal. Thinking of me like I was going to steal something. Her mobile phone poised and ready at any wrong move that I make, to call or sms(someone) Her tone of voice told me “pack up and leave” I hated that feeling. I thought it was rude and snobbish. Linda went up to see and was puzzled at why I was packing up but she didnt ask me since the witch was there.

I returned the laptop and some other things on Rudie’s table and by then, Mr Minder was waiting for me. Ready Marina? Yeah, its time to go.

I gave hugs to the admins, Jane, Janet, Letchmi, and everyone else and they gave me the same reaction of shock and disbelief. Lets find marina a new job. I know some openings here and there! I felt so grateful and really, it was humbling to see so much support and care.

I went in Mr Minder’s car and cried all the way in the car. Randy and Mr Minder tried their best to console me.

Why are you crying for? The principal already said that he’d help you! You know that whatever he says, he means it! Dont cry Marina, who the (censored) does that company think they are? Its not worth crying over them. Principal already gave his word. You’ll go far. What is that company? Its nothing.

Eventually, I stopped being upset. And we reached the guildhouse and had our lunch there. Honestly, the warmth and feeling of love there was so touching. All of a sudden, Rudie stood up and said, this song is dedicated to ms marina, who’s last day is today. I cant remember what song he sang, but I was genuinely touched. Then P stood up too and sang along with Rudie and I tried hard not to tear up. It was just so sweet. I was duly touched.

Later on, P told me not to worry and he ACTUALLY introduced me to some high flyers! I was amazed and thought how surreal it was. I met the Military Defence Officer and some Army Specialists and the Dean of NUS and some benefactors to the school (how did he meet all these people?)

Tamil told me, P thinks highly of you. You dont have anything to worry about. You’ll be fine.

I think I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I can only hope

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  1. wow…seems u hv some tight network. Glad to know dat u hv ppl ard u dat take care of ya! And as 4d witch…every company has one! If I were one of ur colleague, I’d bitch slap her wif my *&^%&*!
    Nway take it ez, aite?

  2. read of this somewhere. not really sure exactly what it was but it’s something along this line…

    God doesn’t shut the door without opening a window…

    you’ll do fine… i’m sure you will.

  3. I’ll be fine, Red, thanks. What did you say you want to slap her with? πŸ˜›

    Thumbelina, that’s right, One door shuts, another one opens … I’ll have to keep remembering that.

    Hi there anonymous, not sure who you are, but thanks dropping by and consoling πŸ™‚

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