West Spring Idols

Didn’t go anywhere during the weekends for a photo-shoot. I was still ill, besides the weather was really raining cats and dogs! I’m not complaining though, as it’s such a relief to have such wonderful cool weather after the hot spell.

There are quite a number of events that are coming up that are quite exciting. Firstly Juli’s final practical make up would be on this Saturday and I’m sure she’ll do great! There is also the Photoi field trip at the esplanade this Sunday. The idea of testing out the lenses is very appealing to me. I’d love to check it out.

Following that, there are also some photography competitions from the copy of digital life newspaper from Express IT AND Great Eastern Life. How interesting.

Another interesting event was the West Spring Idols that was held on Monday. Zila and me got to be guest judge for the week. Well, since the student alumni couldn’t find anyone else and they were desperate.

The top 12

Some of the students were really good!

And the audience came in by the droves.

With loads of loyal supporters

No Razak, no. You cannot bribe me with a rose.

Hakim sings a rendition of Linkin Park’s In the end.

So Ms Marina, what do you think of the overall performance this week?

Err .. umm. It was … interesting

What the heck? I only wanted to sit next to Ms Marina. MISS MARINAAAAAA!!!!

Okay, I’m being a meanie. Not all of them were bad. But I have to say that there are some students who left an impression on me. Some of the songs that they chose to sing was definitely not suitable for their vocal range. I cringed when one of the MALE singers decided to sing Toni Braxton’s unbreak my heart. And when another singer decided to forcefully try to reach the high notes when she couldn’t.

However, there were several stellar performances which I liked. They wowed me over, full of confidence and energy and coolness factor. Good luck to the final 6!

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  1. Ms Marina??? What? no Ms Paula there also? Yes some of the pictures looked like they put heart soul and a few other things into the performance. But looked like fun. Especially the guy singing the Toni Braxton song. Maybe he should be an actor instead?

  2. Hakim? He’s a very adorable student. Funny and cute and playful in class. He’s the class joker. So it was interesting to see how he was on stage. He wasnt a bad singer. I was just teasing for most of the singers 🙂

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