Goodbye my dearest westspring

Well it finally happened.

I went to the meeting at the company and there I was.




I’m not upset. In fact, I’m kind of glad since, I dont share the company vision anymore. Especially when they keep insisting that I was “in my own world” and I’m not “commited”

I’m just disappointed in the company for not recognizing the things that I’ve done to the school. Really disappointed.

But I’ll really miss West Spring. Thats all.

Its time to move on.

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  1. BUMMER!!! Sorry to hear that 🙁 Its Like most jobs though they don’t appreciate you until you are gone eh! I hope you find something Better you deserve it. On the lighter side you still have the towel right 🙂 Points to pic below.
    I allways try look at that as a open door to a better job. Its Thier loss and an oppurtunity for you to get something better 🙂
    Hang Tuff,
    Wish You The Best,
    Wishful 🙂

  2. Dude, they toasted you? I am sure they are already regretting it! Good luck in finding a new job… Perhaps one sitting on a beach, sipping drinks all day long? Let me know if there are any more openings in that line please!

  3. ooh.. ms marina r u not coming back to west spring..ooh man.. i’m gonna miss u..
    now.. u n mr saiful oso no longer at west spring because of the same reasons i tink .. being fired by a particular company.. i just hope u will visit ur one day.. at west spring… move on in life is the only advice i give u…

    love from,
    jaliza (ur student)

  4. I hope so everyone. Thanks for the word of encouragement, wishful, krysss, ck, thumbelina. That means alot to me. Red, that sounds wonderful – I’ll call you soon. Jaliza, thank you. I’ll miss you too and everyone. Dont forget your moblog 🙂 I’m sure the team will do wonderfully!

  5. ms marina we cant do the moblog thing without u.. u r the one which get us into this.. u r the best camerawomen too… sms me if u’re bored..lehx… my number 98314214.. visit my blog too if u r free lahxx… hermm i really going to miss u lehxx… u n ur shouting at class… u also accept late comers.. now i cannot come late in class animore lerxx… hermm… wonder if the new teacher is as great as u lehxx… hope u will be happy in ur new life.. remember u r multi-talented u can be a dancer, an actor, a teacher u can be anione.. wif dis talent i’m sure u will a better job and live well… best wishes.. jaliza again… ~duh~

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