Riding is fun!

It was exhilarating! What a rush! I love the feeling when you go down the highway at 70km/h. Whoosh!

For the uninitiated, I’m currently taking motorcycle license. Actually, I’ve been quite the procrastinator in the sense that I’ve been putting it off till I noticed that my enrolment will be ending soon so I’ve been trying to rush it and complete as many lessons as I can. I dont think I can finish it in time though, but I’d like to give it a shot anyways.

I went on the road today for the first time after passing my circuit test on monday. And after getting my Provisional Driving License, it made me a valid rider on the road.

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I’ve been waiting to do that for ages. And now that I’ve tried it out, I love the feeling. Its really exciting. I just cant wait to get my license.

Ohh .. I cant wait to get my first bike too. I expect I could (try) to get it in June. Here are a few choices:

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The Vespa Granturismo 200

I fell in love with this bike the first time I saw it. I came across this by chance when I was doing research for a presentation and it was love at first sight. I love the shape and how aerodynamic it looked. However, I’m not fond of how heavy it looked. If I cant push it, or lift it to main stand, I dont see the point of getting it though.

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The Honda CB1300

Well, I’m not sure what the model is, but it looked something like this. I like Honda’s because its quite comfortable, and relatively light to carry. I dont like big seats. And I wouldnt get a scrambler type of bike as its much too tall for me. Plus Honda’s are more affordable since they are Asian made. I’ll just have to look around 🙂

Cant wait to pass!

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  1. All the best with the bike. Ride safely…! You just reminded me of a dream I had to a easy-rider harley type… when the money starts rolling in… and it will… hehehehehe…

  2. Oh wow, a bike rider!! Getting the leathers and a tattoo also. he he. But Vespa? himmn. Maybe if you want to save on gas. The Honda is popular with women here also. Do you have to get a helmut and all the safety equipment that goes with bike riding? We have a helmut law here, girls can’t be pretty on a bike, cause all you see is this big glob of a helmut on their heads.

  3. oops missed reading the comment on the Vespa, they are smaller than it looks in the pic. You can push them, a lot of senior citizens use them here to go to the store or anything close to their house, without driving their car.

  4. Good luck webmaster, I know you can do it 🙂 You’ve the brains and the determination for it, for sure 🙂

    Paws! Me? With a tattoo? ROFL – come help me pick a design! Either a faerie or a hello kitty tattoo, rawr! Its SO fierce! Hahahaha! We definitely have to wear a helmet, its mandatory here and I dont want to risk having my legs burnt so I’m going to wear long pants all the time when riding. I can still feel the heat with my jeans 😐

    Vespas are cute for sure 🙂 Ahem, are you hinting that I’m a senior citizen, paws?

    Hey hey metalise 🙂 *waves*

  5. red: its not that model, but it looks similar to that one, I just dont know what the name is … Is a pretty nice ride, that honda 🙂

    And I guess you could call me a biker chix 😛 Comparable to a KFC chix 😛

  6. Hey, now u r oso getting me thinking abt getting a licence real soon.. hehe, i havnt even applied for basic theory yet.. can u belive it ? anyway, i luv that Vespa too.. find it real cool!

  7. Hi Derek 🙂

    Love the vespa since I first laid my eyes on it. It costs about 4k. I think its worth saving up for, go on and take your license, it’ll be so much fun hehehe!

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