Thank goodness its the weekends!

Havent updated my blog for a while, you know what that means – the start of the new year, thus there isnt that much free time for me to update this page here. Anyways, I heard from geri that she’s gotten a job that she really wanted as a market research analyst. Doesnt sound particularly interesting to me, however, I’m really happy that she managed to get something that she likes. It was funny to hear her describing the manager, the one whom interviewed her, asking her all sorts of questions and quipping in “Tick, tock, tick tock” when she took a longer time to answer. 🙂

Speaking of jobs, my first real job was probably somewhere in the middle of the year 1999. That time, I was just completing my diploma and a friend asked me, “Hey marina, do you want to work as a temp teacher?” I dont know what compelled me to, but I accepted and found myself as a language teacher for Boon Lay secondary. I dont remember much about the entire scenario, I remember that I had a table, being introduced to the other staff, having to write up weekly lesson plans in a teachers handbook. The first day when I had to step in a class, I felt a little nervous … What was I thinking? Putting myself in a room of 40 kids! What on earth was I doing? But my fears was unfounded when I looked at the friendly, slightly mischevious eyes on the students, looking back at me as I introduced myself to them. We interacted, and at the end of the day, I found out that, this isnt too bad after all – in fact, I quite liked the attention of having to stand in front and talk 😛

Weeks passed by and I find myself having alot of fun teaching and thinking of new ways to make lessons more enjoyable. Slowly, I became quite attached to these students. These cute and adorable kids. It felt really nice when one is acknowledegd I guess. Small things matter. The little waves and the hi’s 🙂

Come one friday, the principal called me up to the office. “The new teacher will be coming in on monday, you dont have to come anymore” Just like that. I blinked blankly and mumbled a thank you and cleared my table in a daze.

I didnt say a word till I reached home, headed right to bed and felt the first warm tear rolling out of my eyes. I actually realised then how attached I was to the kids! All the things I planned to do wont materialise anymore. No childrens day celebration together. No more lessons together. And I bawled my eyes out for the entire night.

Actually, today, I cant believe that I actually did that – kind of silly come to think about it 😛 But that was the pinnacle of things to come. I enjoyed teaching and decided that, this was something that I didnt mind doing. Thus I decided to look for a more long term teaching and saw myself teaching for different companies, some memorable, and some not very pleasant. Like the time when I had to work in Altron for 7 days a week! Unfixed hours! Even on holidays I had to work! As much as I enjoyed teaching, it got depressing when I didnt have time for myself. I hated the fact that I left when everyone at home was sleeping, and reached home and see that they were sleeping for the night. I left Altron in less than 6 months before they had a chance to confirm me as a permanent staff. It was too depressing. I felt nothing but emptiness.

For some months, I took a hiatus and didnt do anything. Just some part time to supplement my expenditures. I was too proud to ask for money from anyone, you see, and refused to borrow cash even from my parents. They’ve got their own things to deal about anyways.

So I recovered, and then finally felt bored, staring at the same people, same walls, same scene 😛 Strangely enough, it was like a deja vous again. Noordin, a friend I made from Altron, who quit because he couldnt get along with the boss there asked me “hey marina, do you want to work as an IT teacher?” And I said yes! I skipped the interview and started immediately on the April 2003.

I saw that the culture over at West Spring was much more challenging as compared to the other schools that I have been at. The kids were more precocious as compared to other schools. But I truely felt at home, yes it was pretty stressful at times. Sometimes it felt chaotic, but its alright. Most of the times, it was still enjoyable teaching there and the kids there were quite responsive. So that was nice. And I finally managed to have a proper “children’s day celebration” *laughs*

The nice thing about west spring was that we pretty much do things together – really like a family. Thus its easy to bond here, and yes, I do feel quite attached here. My heart sank when some of the students went up a level, and I didnt have a chance to teach them anymore. Yes, I do miss them.

Anyhow, it looks like the present company that I have might encounter some problems … so I have to toughen myself now, and think of a backup system and prepare myself in case that the deja vous of me being called in the office again, like that year in 1999 …

Anyways, the past week in west spring! Very busy week! Orientation, parent discussions! Club recruitment! Well, I dont any pictures to show you, so I’ll let my colleague’s blog step in 😛

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